Schultz: Does the violence in games change players?

Does the violence a player experiences on a football field breed a violent attitude and eventually violent actions off the field? TSN football analyst Chris Schultz wonders if sometimes if it should be a consideration, a topic for discussion given the recent domestic actions of a few players. ...more

Schultz: East teams appear to have turned the corner

Finally, the East regained a sense of respect with three teams winning and the Redblacks playing truly competitive football. As TSN football analyst Chris Schultz writes, although Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal only have four wins, all three teams seems to have turned a corner for various reasons. ...more

Schultz: High hopes for Alouettes "Plan C" at QB, Crompton

I have great hopes for Jonathan Crompton, quarterback for the Montreal Alouettes. I hope he comes through and becomes a dominate player in every aspect of his position. Really, I am not sure if there is a Plan B. Troy Smith was Plan A and Alex Brink was Plan B so I guess in reality Crompton is Plan C. ...more

Schultz: What we've learned from Ray Rice incident

We've learned that Ray Rice has a vicious side to him that's shocking to anyone with any values and sensibility. And now that the video evidence has been released, TSN's Chris Schultz believes that it's over for him in the NFL. ...more

Schultz: The reason why Stamps and Riders are best so far

The two best teams in the Canadian Football League are the Calgary Stampeders and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As CFL analyst Chris Schultz explains, they are the two best not because of any perimeter player but due to the offensive line of scrimmage players, the lineman. ...more

Risky Business: Week 1 NFL predictions

TSN football analyst Chris Schultz is back with his Week 1 selections in the NFL. The season starts off with the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks hosting the Green Bay Packers on Thursday and wraps up with a doubleheader on Monday night. ...more

Schultz: As August turns into September

What is harder to find in building a team; 24 starters or a really good quarterback? It is an interesting question that the CFL panel discussed on and off the air. TSN football analyst Chris Schultz thinks it's the quarterback and that his quality value may outshine 23 other players. ...more

Schultz: Predicting the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl XLIX

TSN football analyst Chris Schultz has broken down all the teams in each division in the NFL leading up to the regular season. Now he's taking a crack at predicting the post-season. ...more

Schultz vs. The World: Week 10 predictions in the CFL

TSN football analyst Chris Schultz is back with his Week 10 selections in the CFL. The Big Man finished 3-1 in Week 9, and sits at 21-16 on the season in Schultz vs. The World. Now Schultz is ready for more action, including his pick of the Stamps beating the Eskimos in the game of the week. ...more

Schultz: Assessing each team as Labour Day nears

This week is always one of the best weeks of the CFL season because it is the annual "reassess and move forward" evaluation of what has happened and what all teams hope to happen. Chris Schultz looks where each team is at as the season nears the halfway point. ...more

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Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz


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